Marble Malaysia – A simple guideline on what makes this stone so unique.

Marble Malaysia – Marble is often referred as a metamorphic rock that is composed of recrystallized, carbonated minerals; normally calcite and dolomite and we often use it for sculpting or as a form of building material.

We often use construction marble for building our countertop or table worktop for kitchen cabinet sets or bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles as it is composed of the three primary stones; calcite, dolomite or serpentine and is capable of taking a polish with a cloth or a polishing machine and the end result will create a smooth, shiny and glossy marble surface.

Marble Malaysia

Generally in our trade, the term “marble” is also used for any crystalline calcite rock that is useful for building stone. Marble Malaysia directly imports from countries worldwide as well as obtaining certain patterns from local quarries around the country. Our biggest supply chain are from Spain, Italy, and Canada thus making us one of the biggest Marble distributing and supplying company in Malaysia. With years of experience from our marble professionals, our clients are guaranteed to be able to choose from a wide selection of choices and the end product which they obtain will definitely be of finest quality.

Marble stones are not as durable as quartz due to the nature of how the stone is formed but is definitely a better vanity option if you are looking to produce a classical or Victorian British theme to suit your home as Solid Surface and Granite may not produce such bright and smooth textures if compared with a marble product.

Remember, always choose the right installation company as Marble are a picky product and the best way possible is to hire professionals who are always there to provide advice and after sales service. Our company highly recommends Solidtop as they are the leading pioneer for kitchen cabinet counter top and worktop installation and fabrication.

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